Keep the ice cream & fruit – forget the cobbler

I was raised on delicious apricot cobbler made from the apricot trees in our back yard.  And it is good comfort food when you need it. But cooking the apricots, or any fresh fruit, destroys the valuable enzymes that are naturally in them. Dr. Edward Howell, who was a physician and pioneer in enzyme research, called these valuable enzymes the “sparks of life.” Enzymes are so important for just about all of the biochemical processes that go on in the body. 

SO….instead of cooking fresh fruit and destroying the enzymes and most of the vitamins, cut up the fresh fruit and use it as a topping on your favorite ice cream.  There are some great low-fat ice creams out there, so try different brands until you find one you really like and that’s even better! Doing this will not only bring great health benefits, but you will be adding spark to your life!

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