Four Foods on Friday #39

#1. When you need to serve desserts, do you buy them or make them?

I nearly always make them unless I’m in a time crunch.
#2. When baking do you use butter, margarine or something else?

I’ve started using Smart Balance some, and so far it’s worked fairly well.  A few things require butter, though, and several things can use canola oil which is great.
#3. What meats or veggies do you cook in the oven?

I rarely use my oven.  I do a lot of stir-fry or saute veggies on the stove top.  I cut up chicken breast fillets and cook them in olive oil in a skillet.  I cook fish in olive oil in a skillet, also.  Every once in a while, I’ll use my crock pot to cook a roast or a chicken recipe.
#4. Share a recipe for anything that is cooked in an oven.

Crunchy Chicken Crescents