Baby Walkers VS Baby Bouncers

When our two children were babies, baby walkers were popular.  We had a “Super Coupe” Walker that they both enjoyed.  Now that our daughter is expecting a baby, I’ve learned that baby walkers are not as popular.  Now baby bouncers are recommended.   At one of our daughter’s baby showers she received the neatest bouncer.  It has all sorts of interesting things for the baby that are not only fun but educational as well.   It helps the baby exercise but is stationary to keep the baby safer.

2 thoughts on “Baby Walkers VS Baby Bouncers

  1. Very true! I’ve read lots of comments about choosing bouncers (also called “exer-saucers”) over walkers.

    I like this category name, by the way! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info on the name for bouncers. I can’t wait to see Baby J in his “exer-saucer!”

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