“USDA Organic” Isn’t Always Grown in the US – Could be China

I recently bought a can of Organic Black Beans.  The can had the seal “USDA Organic” on the front of it, so I assumed the beans were grown here in the US.   When I looked at the date on the bottom of the can to check the shelf life of the beans, I noticed the words “Product of China.”  I was greatly surprised.   From reading some articles I learned that we really don’t know where a lot of our food comes from.   Most cans do not give that information.  Instead, they’ll say, “Distributed by…”   After hearing about food, toothpaste, defective tires, etc, coming from China that are not safe, I find myself wanting to avoid things from China.  I’m still reading and researching, though, to find out more information.  

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