Ingredients in Whole-istic Solutions Vitamin-Mineral

This 100% whole-food vitamin is enzymatically active and contains the following ingredients:

*Barley Grass (excellent source of vitamins B12, E, C & minerals)

*Wheat Grass (contains virtually every nutrient known)

*Amla (great source of whole vitamin C)

*Green Tea Catechins (well known antioxidant)

*Spiruline (vegetarian protein, richest source of vitamin B-12 found in nature)

*Chorella (rich in minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidents, & carotenoids)

*Blue Green Algae (high in vitamin B & amino acids)

*Broccoli (source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids & amino acids)

*Kamut Grass (source of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins & minerals)

*Carrot Juice (“almost the perfect food,” containing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids & antioxidants)

*Sea Kelp Powder (excellent source of minerals)

*Betatene (isolated from sea algae, rich in the 5 carotenoids found in fruits and also in yellow & dark green leafy vegetables)

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