The Matt Stansberry Band Plays Clean Music!

The members of  The Matt Stansberry Band attended Oklahoma Christian University together, formed their band and are now leaders in “Evolution Rock,” rock infused with pop, funk, jazz and jam. They were recently nominated for an LA Music Award, “Best Group with Vocal” for Code Red. The Los Angeles Music Awards is the largest and longest running Hollywood red carpet event for Independent Artists in the world.

The band plays clean rock music, and the Talon says that their music is inspiring. If you or someone you know listens to rock, then check them out.

3 thoughts on “The Matt Stansberry Band Plays Clean Music!

  1. Actually, I’m not into rock music myself. But this is supposed to be clean rock music. If you have family members who listen to rock, then you might tell them about this band and see how they like it.

  2. Great tip! My boys really like rock music now and I had no idea the kids we used to go to church with had formed a band! Fabulous!!

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