Our “GrandPets”

Our first “grandpet” was a “grandpuppy,” the cutest miniature dachshund named Josie who was bought by our daughter and son-in-law.  Talk about full of personality.  She knew just what look to give you or what trick to do and knew that it was so irresistable.  Then two kittens were added to the family and Josie must have thought she was their mother.  She licked their faces and tried to take care of them.   So at this point we had “grandkittens” too.  They all got a little older and learned how to work together.  Our daughter called them “partners in crime” because the cats would knock things off on the floor such as the mail or magazines and then Josie would tear them up.  Of course, Josie could make a big mess all by herself.  Now that they’re older, they don’t make messes very often.  And that’s a good thing because now we have a real “grandbaby” (Baby J) on the way soon and I’m sure there will be plenty of messes once again!!  🙂  LOL

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