Pregnant Women Need Robot Fans :)

Our daughter is “great with child,” meaning that she is going to have a baby, “Baby J,” very soon.   And anyone who’s been pregnant in the hot months knows that it feels like a furnice is in your tummy.  (I had an August baby and a September baby!!)  They have central air but recently got an oscillating fan just for her.  Our son-in-law asked her where she wanted it and she said, “Wherever I am!!”  And that’s so true.  And I got to thinking about how our neighbor down the street has a robot lawn mower (which is the neatest thing to watch).  Well, if they can make robot lawn mowers and other things, wouldn’t it be neat if they had a robot fan just to follow pregnant women around in the house and maybe even blow out extra-cold air.  I guess for now, the next best thing is to go open the freezer door and cool off that way!  LOL 

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Need Robot Fans :)

  1. Charla, in reply to the email you sent me with picture:

    WOW! He’s just beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS to all- Grandma and Grandpa

    Continued best wishes….


    Sales Relationship Manager

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