The New Harry Potter Movie, The Order of the Phoenix, is our Favorite

Well, we finally got to see the newest Harry Potter movie and thought it was great!  I vaguely remember thinking the second movie was my favorite, but now it’s definitely the fifth movie that I (we) like the best.  We didn’t care too much for the third movie, although I really liked the third book.   The movie wasn’t completely true to the book and portrayed a dark side of Harry.   The fourth movie cut out too many important parts and was lacking in some things.  But this newest movie was very well produced and showed Harry’s character in its true sense.   Harry’s statement at the very end was so cool.  

 I must admit I haven’t read the fifth (or sixth or seventh) books, but our son, daughter and son-in-law have, and our son wants to reread all seven books now.   They are such Harry Potter fans that they went to the midnight release of the seventh book!

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