Bath Time for Baby

Why is it so neat to give a new baby a bath? I guess because everything is so new and the first things that the baby does or experiences are special. When our grandson had his first bath recently, our daughter and s-i-l bathed “Baby J” while I took pictures. And I shared with them what I did when our son was a baby: put a washcloth in the strategic area so you don’t get sprayed! LOL 🙂 “Baby J” enjoyed his bath and it was a good experience for him.

When babies get older and you have a lot of bath toys, The Mommy Blogger has a great idea: Put the toys in a plastic basket so the water can drain out the bottom. That way the toys don’t get slimy. And I don’t know anybody who likes yuchy, slimy bath toys. Visit the Mommy Blogger to get more great ideas.

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