Computers are Great!

Computers are one of the greatest inventions and make work so much easier.  They are great for communication, also, as people can communicate as often as they want or as necessary.   To be honest, I didn’t use computers much until our daughter went off to college.  Before then, I’d just tell her, my husband or our son what I needed on the computer and they would do it for me.  (I wasn’t spoiled, was I?  LOL)  But after our daughter was gone to college , I quickly learned how absolutely wonderful email was.  We would email each other on almost a daily basis and still do to this day even though she’s been out of college for four years. 

But just as computers are so wonderful to use, they can be equally frustrating when they’re not working like they should or like we want them to.  Sometimes fixing the problem is simple and sometimes it takes getting outside help (for me…my husband) to fix the problem.  One thing that’s important is having enough memory to run several programs.   Some people need IBM memory, but whatever kind you need, be sure you have plenty of it.  That’s one thing I have learned about computers.  🙂

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