Online Radio Station: KLTY 94.9 – It’s Safe for the Whole Family

If you’re looking for a great radio station that’s safe for the whole family, then I recommend KLTY, 94.9 FM.  My family has listened to it for several years now.  And it’s music that teenagers like too.  I know a whole lot of teenagers that listen to it as well.  We’re fortunate to live in north central Texas where we can get this station on the radio.  But for those of you who cannot, you can receive it online over your computer.  They play a lot of music and don’t talk too much like some stations do.  And when they do talk, you don’t have to worry about your kids hearing some adult talk you don’t want them to hear.  In fact, I was listening to another station one time and I got so disgusted with the topic of their conversation which all of a sudden became “R” rated that I quickly changed the station.

Another thing about KLTY, if you’re feeling happy then you can just sing right along with the songs if you want to.  If you’re feeling down, their music has a way of making you feel better.  If you’re surrounded with a lot of negative things, this music is positive and inspiring.  It’s been great for me to listen to.  I listen to it while I’m driving and it keeps my thoughts positive and focused on what’s really the priority in my life.   So if you have a chance, try listening to this station.

By the way, it’s one of the top radio stations in the country and is listened to world-wide!   Just click here and look at the very top of their home page for the “Online Radio Player.”

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