Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

If you’ve never been to a wildlife park, I recommend going to one. We like to go to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park close to Glenrose, TX. It’s been named by USA Today as one of the ten great places to go on a safari in our country. We’ve been there quite a few times over the years and always enjoy it every time. The first time I went was probably twenty years ago with a bunch of public school teachers for a teacher’s workshop. A teacher friend and I signed up for this workshop together and had a lot of fun! That’s when I first became acquainted with it. Then in later years we took our family, one year took our daughter and son-in-law with us, and one year took my mother-in-law with us. It was fun seeing everyone’s reaction to the animals. One time I went with a dear friend of mine, Denice, who you see pictured We both had our sons with us and enjoyed the animals through the eyes of her young son. Now that we have a grandson, I can’t wait to take him when he’s old enough. 🙂 Go to the link below for more info:

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