Baby Slings Are Great!

I wish baby slings had been available when my children were babies. Everyone I know now who uses one thinks they’re wonderful. Our daughter has one that she uses with our grandson. The great thing about using them with a newborn is that the baby is cradled up next to the mother (or daddy) and feels the warmth of her body.  The mother then has her hands free to do some things that require two hands such as typing or doing things around the house. Another neat thing about the slings is that they can be used for newborns all the way up to toddlers.   They come in all different kinds of fabric patterns so anyone should be able to find a color and pattern that they like.   If you know of someone that has a baby, tell them about baby slings. Or maybe you have a baby, maybe you’re expecting a baby, or maybe you need a baby shower gift.  A baby sling would make a great gift!

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