The Coupon Queen

Diane is a friend of mine who I think of as the “coupon queen.”  She is amazing and has couponing down to a science.  Several years ago there used to be a grocery store that would triple coupons up to 75c.  $1.00 coupons would be doubled.   Diane would buy huge amounts of groceries worth anywhere between $150 and $300 and would pay amounts like $19 or $24, etc.  She did this time and time again.  I did save a large percentage of my grocery bill, but I would pay something like $15 or $20 for $70 worth of groceries.  It was fun seeing how much we saved every week, and Diane and I would be excited over how much each other had saved.  Now stores only triple coupons up to 39c and double up to 50c.  I must admit that I don’t use coupons now as much as I used to.  For one thing, I don’t buy as much processed food.   I try to eat fresh produce and “cook from scratch” (I wonder where that saying came from) as much as possible.  But Diane is still saving huge amounts and still amazes me with her savings.

If you’ve never tried couponing before, find someone who does and give it a try.  It’s fun having someone to share experiences with, and it’s great to save on your grocery bill.

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