“Just One Moment Please While I Put You on Hold”

How many times have we heard those words! And then we’re probably on hold anywhere from 5-45 minutes or longer. And yes, we were really on hold for at least 45 minutes one time. The great thing about cordless phones is that when we hear those annoying words, “Just one moment please while I put you on hold,” we can still go about what we need to do around the house and not be stuck sitting in one spot for what seems like forever. I put my cordless phone on speaker mode and take it from room to room with me as I continue doing what I need to do. I can still unload the dishwasher, go to the laundry room and put a load of clothes in the wash, dust or whatever. And if your cordless phone battery goes out from all that time spent on hold (LOL) then it’s really easy to recharge or replace it! 🙂

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