Nintendo Game System “Wii” – Great for All Ages

Our son put down a deposit on the Wii as soon as the store was accepting pre-orders for them, and we and some other relatives were fortunate enough to be some of the first to get a Wii when they came out.   We would look at “Wii” articles on the Internet during the weeks before its release.  I thought it looked cool, but I had no idea how fun it would be to play until we actually brought it home.   It is so much fun to play!   A lot of  people think that, too….so many, in fact, that sales for the Wii have surpassed the XBox360.  The Wii is the world’s best-selling game console.   It’s less than half the price of the PS3 and is less than the XBox which makes it more affordable than the other consoles.   Another plus is that Game Cube games can be played on it.  

The Wii is great for teenages and young adults but also for little brothers and sisters who might want to play too.  It’s great for parents and grandparents to play as well.  One of my favorite games is the interactive bowling game.  Another favorite of mine is “Brain Age” which helps to sharpen the brain.   There’s such a variety of games, and it’s truly fun for any age.

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