A Unique Way to Display Your Favorite Photo

Do you have a favorite photo that you just absolutely love? Maybe a picture of your baby, your kids, your family, a pet that is just like a family member, or a group of friends that you’re really close to? Have you ever thought of Photo Throws where you could see the picture every day? I’m not talking about a little frame that is the typical way to display a picture, but one that is unique and can’t be overlooked like a picture frame.  You could have the photo printed on a duvet cover for your bed to be the centerpiece of the room , or on a photo pillow, or on a photo pillowcase. If you wanted something really unique, you could have your favorite picture on a shower curtain. Fotobed.com is the only site that offers a customized shower curtain photo. The site is easy to use, and not only can you have a 100% customized photo, but you can have customized text as well. I think I like the idea of the photo pillows. What a nice accent for a bed or a sofa.

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