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I do private tutoring in my home, using my nearly twenty years experience as a public school teacher as a resource. Different kids learn in different ways, and it just depends on the child. What works with one child might not work with another. So I have to figure out what works for each individual child and what they consider to be a fun way to learn (sometimes so fun they don’t even realize they’re learning).
If you’re wanting a fun way to help your kids reach their academic potential, then Innovative Tutor is probably what you’re looking for. SCORE! Educational Centers use a customized approach for each child and try to instill a lifelong love of learning which is so important. SCORE!’s leaders have appeared on Good Morning America and The Today Show to name a few, have been around for 15 years, and have a great track record. So do your research, check them out, and then give them a call.

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