Research All Your Medications – Could be a Matter of Life or Death

When I was doing my volunteer work at the Benevolent Center this morning, I talked with this sweet lady who lost her son this past March. He was taking medication for his heart. When he came down with a bad case of the flu, he was given medication for that. The sad thing is that the meds conflicted with one another, he had a horrible seizure, and he died as a result.

Years ago, my husband had a borderline cholesterol score. He was put on a prescription for Baycol, and after several months he noticed that he was losing muscle mass. He called his doctor’s office and told them about all the side effects he was having. He was told to keep taking the prescription. Well, it doesn’t make any sense to take medicine with side effects like that. And it was only for something that was borderline anyway. So my husband took himself off the medication and took fish oil and other supplements. I cooked with olive oil and we stayed away from beef and other high cholesterol foods. A few months later, we found out that some people had died from the very medication he had been taking, and Baycol was taken off the market. And then later after that, he finally got a call from the doctor’s office saying to go off the medication. Duhh!! If he had continued taking it when the doctor told him to stay on it, no telling what might have happened. When he went back for his next check-up, the doctor was so surprised at how good my husband’s cholesterol levels were, especially the good cholesterol. It was not a result of the (bad) medication, it was a result of diet. And we knew ultimately that God was watching out for him!

So, it all boils down to this. A person needs to research all their medications and take their health into their own hands. Research online, talk to the pharmacist, talk to friends who might take the same medication. Find out all you can about it! It could be a matter of life or death!

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