Use Listerine for Mosquitos?

I just read that one of the best ways to kill mosquitos is to use Listerine.  And even the store brand or the kind you get at any dollar store works just as well.   One person said they were having a deck party and mosquitos were everywhere.  A man sprayed the deck and yard with Listerine, and they were gone.  And supposedly, the effect lasts for a couple of days.  It’s safe to spray around the food table, too.  (Not on the food, though!  LOL)  Another person said he sprayed it around his door and window frames.  He said not to use it on wooden doors, just around the frame.  It doesn’t take much, and you can pour some in a 4 ounce spray bottle to use around the house.   He also said that he doesn’t leave home without it!

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