Car Accidents and Personal Injury

One time when I was sitting at a red light, another car bumped me from behind. It messed up the bumper on my van. The guy driving was so apologetic and even called later during the week to make sure I was doing OK. I thought he was really nice to do that. A couple of days later, my husband and I happened to be driving by where this guy’s insurance agent’s office was located. We decided to drop in and check the status of our claim. Just as we were coming up to the door, the guy who hit me was walking out the door with his insurance agent. He didn’t see us and continued talking and said, “And that’s when she backed up and hit me.” Well, I recognized him and knew he was talking about me, so I interrupted the conversation and said, “I did not back up and hit you. Why would I back up when I’m sitting at a red light?” He was extremely shocked to see me and couldn’t think of anything to say. He had been caught in a lie! We also had a witness, and so his insurance ended up fixing our van, and rightfully so.  I was thankful that my situation was minor and I was not hurt.  Sometimes when people are in a bad accident or some other situation where they are injured, they need somebody like Raleigh personal injury attorneys to help them.

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