Cute Themes for Kids’ Bedding

When our kids were little, it was always fun decorating their bedroom with whatever they really liked at the time.  I remember when our daughter was little, she had a Rainbow Brite bedspread and cute little Rainbow Brite kitchen, table, and chairs.  She was thrilled!  When our son was little and had his own “big boy bed,” he had Barney sheets, comforter, and curtains.  It was so cute!  He really liked it until he thought he was too big for Barney and we got a Mickey Mouse comforter to replace Barney.  I’m glad the Mickey Mouse comforter was reversible, because when he soon outgrew Mickey Mouse, we just turned the comforter over to a striped design.   It’s still fun looking at kids bedding to see all of the cute themes they have for children’s bedrooms.  I wonder…what will Baby J want for his first “big boy bed?”

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