Quick Room Make-Over

Have you ever looked at a room in your house and thought how tired you were of the same decor you’d had for several years?  I know I have!  I remember when I became tired of the colors in our living room.  We have a dark blue, almost navy plush sofa that I love. ( It’s so soft you can easily sleep the whole night on it.)  It came with really nice, pretty pillows in a floral tapestry weave.  Well, I was tired of the pillows, tired of a floral lamp shade, and tired of some wall hangings.  So I took the lamp, wall hangings, and some other things out of the room, anything that conflicted with my new color scheme of dark blue (almost navy), red and a little olive green.   I found a neat looking lamp at Target with a red lampshade, red slipcovers that fit the pillows perfectly that were on sale for a great price at Pottery Barn, and found a couple of small decorative wall hangings with red in them on sale for half price.  Oh, and I also found a couple of small, red cranberry topiaries for the fireplace mantle that were half price, too.  So for around $60, our living room looked great and noticeably different.  And the neat thing at the time was that I had Christmas money to buy everything with.  🙂 

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