Self Defense Products


Have you ever been on a trip and found yourself in a scary situation? When I was growing up, my family went on vacation and was traveling at night when it started raining really hard. Before we knew it , our car stalled in the water on the highway. Another car passed us and we could see that it drove out of the water a little further on. Finally, our car started and we drove out of the water. The car that had passed us was waiting for us. A man got out of the car and came up to our car to see if we were OK, only it turned out he wanted to rob us. Our dog, who had been sleeping, could sense the man’s tone of voice changed when he said he wanted our money. Our dog jumped up and scared the man who took off running. I don’t know what we would have done if our dog hadn’t been there. In situations like that, it helps to have self defense products. You never know what might happen.

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