Four Foods on Friday #10 Questions

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#1. Lasagne noodles. Do you find a difference in taste between the regular and the no bake noodles?

I haven’t tried the no bake noodles. But I have used the kind that doesn’t have to be cooked first before making the lasagna. I can’t tell much difference, but I prefer to use the regular noodles in the easy recipe that doesn’t require the noodles to be precooked.

#2. What is your favorite flavor PopTart?

I haven’t bought Pop Tarts in ages. Seems like it was strawberry.

#3. What’s your favorite type of pasta? Not how served, but the type – elbows, ziti, spaghetti, shells, etc. Why?

I prefer rotini. It drains easily, it’s easy to eat, and I like the way it looks.

#4. Green beans. What’s your favorite way to make them or dish to use them for?

My favorite way is to add toasted almonds and sauteed mushrooms.

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