Vat 19 has “Curiously Awesome” Products

Vat 19 has “curiously awesome” products that you don’t find just anywhere. They sent me some samples of a few of their products. One product called Insta Snow Powder, my favorite, is pretty cool. All you have to do is add water and this white powder expands and really looks like snow. Kids of any age would love it! I also received an Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD . It makes your TV screen look like a fire burning in a fireplace. That’s neat for those who don’t have fireplaces. The third thing I received was gourmet-scented-pencils which smell like cotton candy.

If you would like a “space efficient electronics charging valet” that is an electronics charger stationwhich neatly hides cords for charging adapters, then check out Vat 19. It will hold three adapters and charge them while concealing all the cords in a neat little station. It also has a surge protector and a little drawer to hold small items.

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