Thank-You Notes

One thing my mother taught me and I taught our daughter is to always write a thank-you note within a couple of weeks after receiving a gift. It seems to be the trend now-a-days to not write thank-you notes. However, I think it’s always best to communicate appreciation with a nice note especially for a graduation, wedding or baby gift. It doesn’t have to be long, just sincere. And maybe the two week time period could be extended, but I think a month at the longest. If a person has given the effort to give someone a gift then they deserve a thank-you note. Especially when gifts are mailed, the giver of the gift likes to know their gift was received.  (I must admit that the older I get, every once in a while I forget.)  Some things never go out of style…they are timeless. And I think thank you notes are one of those things!

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