5 Pounds in 5 Weeks

I want to lose five pounds, but I want to do it slowly so that I can develop more healthy habits. One pound a week is good for me. I plan to try to reduce sugar (Easter candy didn’t help any…and we still have some left!), eat healthy meals with more raw fresh foods and fiber, drink more tea, eat protein with every meal or snack, and walk more. Some people like to use pills such as eca stack, but each person has to figure out what works best for them.

3 thoughts on “5 Pounds in 5 Weeks

  1. me too! I wanna lose my fats!! They kind of build up on my tummy everytime I’m in front of the pc.. which is more than 8 hours a day. 🙁 Today, I walked a few more steps than the usual.. and I feel good about it. 😀 So I vote for walk more!!

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  3. That’s a very good thinking on your part as this is indeed something that would be of much more importance. Our body responds to such changes very slowly and so loosing weight slowly would just sound to be the healthier way of doing so.

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