Awesome Deli Sandwich

Elizabeth, at Mom Cooks, has a great recipe for an awesome looking deli sandwich. She gives great directions with her step-by-step instructions which include pictures. If you want an impressive deli sandwich for company or to take to a luncheon, then check out her site.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Deli Sandwich

  1. Hi Charla,
    I’ll check that sandwich out later for sure. I just joined Entrecard last week and kept wondering why the name of your site sounded so familiar. It finally dawned on me. I really am getting old, It’s just like when I worked people knew me by my uniform and when I didn’t wear it I looked familiar to them, but they didn’t have a clue till I told them.

    At any rate I have been dropping on you from my other blogs also and not just the one you are use to. If you prefer I can put you in my favorites on just one blog then you wont get 3 visits from me in one day, let me know.

  2. Jude, you can visit me as often as you want to. And I’m the same way sometimes about something looking familiar. I see someone or something out of context and it takes me a while to connect the dots. lol 🙂
    I just recently discovered one of your other sites that I hadn’t been to before, and it’s because of Entrecard. I am impressed with Entrecard!

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