Are They Happy?

When I look at some of the movie stars and people in the entertainment business, I wonder if they’re truly happy. Some of them seem to have so many problems in their lives. Hopefully, they’ll get the help they need through drug rehab or whatever it is they need. I think that just goes to show that having money and/or fame doesn’t mean that a person will be happy. To me, being truly loved is what really makes me happy, and then also being able to give love in return.

3 thoughts on “Are They Happy?

  1. I totally agree about money not equaling happiness. I grew up in Marin County, CA, a very very wealthy area. My dad was a teacher so I went to a tiny private exclusive High School (for free!) where he taught. I saw all around me the effect of being OVERprivileged, it’s very sad for a kid to grow up with nothing to fight for, nothing to value… my home was very budget-conscious and I had a job all through HS, it gave me lots of struggles, lots of achievements and lots of meaning. I feel lucky that I was not over privileged. Made me a better person.

    Your topic “Are They Happy?” is very meaningful – I’d love to read more about it and hear others weigh in on it. It’s quite the opposite of the daily brainwashing we get from our popular culture!! Thanks for the post.

  2. Bonnie,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about the daily brainwashing we get from our popular culture. And it was very interesting hearing about your growing up years. I think we grow through our struggles, and working for what we have makes us appreciate it more. I count my blessings!

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