“I Don’t Want to Wake Up!”

Sleep is crucial for our health, yet how many times do we stay up too late and then when the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s like, “Oh, no! It can’t be time to get up already. I don’t want to wake up.” If we don’t wake up refreshed, then our body is not getting enough sleep or maybe enough “quality” sleep. Here are some facts about deep sleep:

  1. Eight hours of sleep a night is a good rule of thumb for most people. But quality is just as important as quantity. During the time of deep, quality sleep is when our body goes to work, refreshes itself, and has a restorative function.
  2. Getting enough quality sleep is important for memory and other brain functions as well.
  3. Poor sleep is connected with changes in appetite and metabolism which means that it’s easier to gain weight if we’re not getting the sleep that we need.
  4. U.S. researchers have said that deep sleep may be important for keeping type 2 diabetes at bay.

If someone is having trouble sleeping, then there are several suggestions to aid in going to sleep and/or remaining asleep. Click here for more information.

I know personally that I don’t function well if I start getting behind on sleep. I can definitely tell a difference in the way I feel after a good night’s sleep. I think that’s pretty much universal, though. I know that Baby J is in such a good mood when he wakes up after a good night’s sleep! ๐Ÿ™‚

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