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A&R Wholesale carries walk in bathtubs, and they even have whirlpool options. I wish my mother had had one of these. After she broke her hip, it was really hard for her to take a bath. One of these would have been great for her. These safety tubs would be great not only for elderly people but for anyone with a handicap. And it’s good to know that Safety Tubs are guaranteed for life with their patented door system which provides a watertight, leak proof seal.

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  1. Keeping Our Seniors Safely Independent

    “The test of a people is how they take care of seniors.”

    To our Dealers:

    You, like us, have a heartfelt duty to solve problems. and those of us that cater to the fastest growing segment of the population; senior citizens, know that bathroom safety is of paramount importance.

    Most seniors have difficulty climbing over the rim of a standard bathtub, and many needless accidents occur because of it. Being unable to bathe safely in the comfort of one’s own home might make an unwanted or premature move to an assisted living facility inevitable.

    Since 2003, Independent Living USA® has been addressing a solution to this problem by innovating and offering the finest Walk-In Bathtubs with doors. We designed The Presidential® and its strategically shaped door to comfortably pass over the bather’s knees when the bather is safely seated. This innovative hallmark design in Walk-In Bathtubs is just one of our many comfort and safety solutions that has often been copied, but never improved upon.

    We have helped literally thousands of clients resulting in thousands of satisfied customers.. a few of whom can be found here: Click here to view actual letters from our clients.

    Additionally, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau, and have an excellent rating: Click here to view the Better Business Bureau’s Report. You can be absolutely confident that when you order a Walk-In Bathtub from us it will arrive expediently, and that our customer service will match the superior quality of our products.

    Our most popular UL Approved model, The Presidential® is entirely and proudly made here in America. Many internet vendors who must sell a less expensive product to compete, advertise their Walk-In Bathtubs as being 100% made in the U.S.A. when in actuality, the shell (the most important part of the tub) is fabricated in China, and then it is jetted and finished here.

    We recognize that there are those for whom price is of paramount importance, and their buying decisions are based mostly on that principle. For those people we also import superior quality Walk-In Bathtubs from China, and make them available at unbeatable low prices starting at only $1599 retail. (Dealer wholesale price is located in your Dealer Reference Guide.) We call them The Supreme line of Walk-In Bathtubs because of their supreme high quality and viable low price.

    Previously, Independent Living USA® had primarily sold directly to the retail end user. We have always been in the forefront of the Walk-In Bathtub business due to several pristine business practices, amongst which is total responsiveness and keeping ahead of the curve. You, like us, recognize that the senior population and their awareness of Walk-In Bathtubs are rapidly growing daily and the need for quality Walk-In Tubs will continuously increase exponentially going forward. We have therefore made a strong financial business decision to the following: expand our manufacturing capabilities; create a more complete The Presidential® line of Walk-In Bathtubs of varying sizes; and establish a worldwide dealer network to serve this ever-growing market.

    The commercial division of Independent Living USA®, ILUSA Wholesale, stands ready to assist you and your clients in every way possible, including making available top quality sales materials for the Presidential® model, both in a 4-color brochure and DVD format. Another media format we have developed is a 30-second television commercial that can be easily customized with your company’s name, logo and telephone number replacing ours. Also available to you is a printable “pdf” full-color brochure of your choice of any or all of our Walk-In Bathtubs and other bathing solutions as well which can also be customized to have your company’s name, logo and telephone number replacing ours. All of these sales materials are available to you free of profit margins, at our virtual costs.

    Sales support materials are displayed on the PRESIDENTIAL MODELS OVERVIEW page.
    Click here to visit that page.

    You will comfortably discover that the quality of our products, our low wholesale Dealer pricing, our sincere dedication and support to build a mutually triumphant and enjoyable business relationship, and certainly our extensive knowledge, accomplishments and abilities to help expand the growth of your business are indeed strong and vital building blocks for your Walk-In Bathtub success.

    We are actively seeking dealers, builders, community developers, contractors, architects, kitchen & bath stores, plumbers, business entrepreneurs, senior service providers, and retailers to share in our success. Contact us today through one or more of the following: contact forms on this website (click here or click here for forms); or, email us (click here to email); or call us on our toll-free telephone number: 1-866-477-5240.

    We look forward to assisting and servicing you.

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