5 Pounds in 5 Weeks, Week 1

Yeah!!! I lost one pound this past week, so that’s a start to losing “5 Pounds in 5 Weeks.” This is what I did:

  • ate smaller portions and didn’t get second helpings
  • drank lots of tea (regular and green tea) sweetened with Stevia (natural herb with 0 calories) and lots of water
  • ate low-fat although we did eat at Chick Fil-A one day. Woops!
  • ate three smaller meals and two healthy snacks with protein every day which works best for me (I ate nuts every day – good protein snack)
  • chose healthy carbs and tried to limit processed foods, which are usually high in empty carbs, to a bare minimum. I must admit I did make cookies, but I limited myself to three cookies out of the whole batch instead of the usual half a cookie sheet’s worth. (I love cookies fresh out of the oven!)
  • limited my candy to one small piece of chocolate on two different days (sigh!)
  • stretched daily and went for a long walk on three days

One thought on “5 Pounds in 5 Weeks, Week 1

  1. Way to go,girl!!!! I really should do the same. Summer is around the corner and I’m no way in bikini shape.:-(

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