Four Foods on Friday #23 Questions

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#1. American cheese. Sliced fresh or prepackaged processed cheese product?

Sliced fresh, but most of the time prepackaged is more convenient

#2. What is your favorite cracker?

Triscuits with Rosemary and Olive Oil

#3. What hot breakfast cereal do you like? Think oatmeal, farina, grits, etc.

Oatmeal with added cinnamon and a little brown sugar (and sometimes raisins)
#4. Share a recipe that uses corn.

I wrote a post last week for Shoepeg Corn Casserole that I published yesterday. It’s something I wouldn’t make very often because of the fat content, but it’s great for a special dish. (Shoepeg corn is a type of white corn known for its sweetness.)

7 thoughts on “Four Foods on Friday #23 Questions

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  2. I’m a shoepeg fan, but can’t find it often in Hawaii. The recipe sounds so rich and satisfying – definitely adding it to my file! Mahalo!

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