Some Guidelines For Buying Walking Shoes

If you have problems with your feet when you go for walks, you might consider these guidelines:

  • My doctor said to buy running shoes because they have better support than walking shoes. Even though I haven’t been running in years, I still buy running shoes.
  • My doctor also said to replace my shoes every six months. The support in the shoe breaks down even though the shoe may look great on the outside. I over-pronate on my left foot and break down the support on the inside under the ball of my foot. (I didn’t buy new shoes when I was supposed to this last time, and I started having foot and ankle problems. As soon as I bought new shoes, the problem went away.)
  • If you over-pronate, check out New Balance shoes. They are great for that problem!
  • I always buy running shoes that are a whole size larger than my regular shoes. I normally wear a 7 1/2, but I buy a size 8 1/2 for running shoes.

My running shoes are so comfortable for walking that I wish I could wear them all the time!