Baby J Had a Birthday!

Our first and only grandbaby, “Baby J,” celebrated his first birthday this past week.  We went for the weekend for the birthday party on Saturday.  Our daughter, “C,” had everything decorated so cute.  There were balloons and streamers decorating the mailbox, front door, entryway, living room, and the dining area.

First, we had a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings.  Then Baby J opened his many presents (actually our daughter opened the presents – Baby J wasn’t into opening presents…at least this year anyway).  Then it was time for the cake.  “C” has taken a cake decorating course, and so she made the cutest small birthday cake for “Baby J” and then a larger cake for everyone else.  Our grandson did not like the icing, though!!  Once the thick globs of icing were on his fingers, he looked at it like he didn’t understand why he couldn’t shake it off.   His daddy proceded to feed him the cake part which he loved.

It was an exciting and fun-filled day for Baby J, grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and friends of the family.  Baby J was so keyed up from all the excitement that he couldn’t unwind for his nap.  Needless to say, by the time bedtime rolled around, he was extremely tired…so tired that he got the giggles and laughed non-stop for a minute or two.  Well, we all got tickled at him and started laughing too.  It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day!

It is such a blessing to have Baby J in our lives!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandson! You are lucky to live close enough to be with him for the celebration. LOL Funny about the frosting on his fingers.

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