Four Foods On Friday 43

Here are this week’s four questions. I’ve got the Olympics on my mind so this week they’re about fitness/physical activity/sports:

#1. What do you drink to rehydrate in the heat or after working out?


#2. What do you eat to help boost or create energy?

Complex carbs such as whole grains, fruit, etc., and tea is usually energizing.

#3. What’s the healthiest snack you eat?

Raw nuts & seeds:  almonds, cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds

Hot air popped organic popcorn with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt

(We can get organic popcorn in the bulk food section at Central Market and, contrary to what some might think, it’s actually less than buying name brand popcorn that isn’t even organic.  If you want to know why we buy organic, read this about Genetically Modified Seeds (especially CORN, soy, and canola)  And note the comments for that post – a doctor left a comment and some really good info.  There are several good comments.
#4. Share a recipe or instructions for your ideal three course meal.

Salad, entree, and dessert.  Salad would need to be really fresh and chilled.  And for the entree it would be fish, chicken, or turkey.  Veggies would be fresh and steamed.  Dessert would be a fresh fruit mix with poppyseed dressing.

6 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 43

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  2. Ah, your approach to eating is much too healthy for me. Um, I mean, sounds like you have a great, healthy diet! 😀

  3. Chili Queen,
    I like to sprinkle sunflower seeds on my salads, put them in trail mix, or just get a handful of them to eat. 🙂

    I don’t always eat healthy, but I really try hard at times because I have fibromyalgia (I call it “fibro” for short) which affects the muscles. Processed foods and sugar are bad for fibro, so I try to limit those. I’ve been trying to stay away from dark chocolate (and even praying for God to help me) and I’m actually starting to lose my taste for it. In June, my dear husband found Dove Dark Chocolate, which is one of my favorites, at Sams at a great price for 24 bars. So during the early part of the summer, I was eating 3 bars a week plus having a Coke here and there instead of my usual tea or water, and having ice cream, cookies, etc here and there…way too much sugar for me. My fibro flaired up, so I’m trying to exercise self-control and stay away from things that make me hurt. lol 🙂

  4. I love poppyseed dressing! Of course, I also love poppyseed muffins, even if they do get stuck in my teeth! 😀

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