Interviews With Survivors of 9-11

If you have not watched this professionally done video, let me urge you to watch it.  It’s very touching! Click here to watch SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL VIDEO TRIBUTE.

I remember what we were doing that day, and everybody I talk to can remember.  We sat stunned as we watched on TV, and my eyes welled up with tears thinking about those poor innocent people on the airplanes. After the plane crashed into the Pentagon, reality set in that our country was under attack. I called our daughter who was in college over 150 miles away. We all were praying for God’s protection! We wanted our family all together, so we went and picked up our son and headed out to see our daughter. All people could think about was how this awful event would affect the families of the victims, affect our lives, and affect our country.

We still have a minivan that we had back then. During the week of 9-11, someone tied red, blue, and white ribbons on my antennae. The faded remains are now just little short shreds of ribbons, but I have left them on there to always be a reminder of that day!

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