Family Night

When our daughter was a teenager in high school, there were so many activities going on plus when she was home there were always a dozen friends wanting to talk or chat online.  So one night every week we would have “Family Night” where for two or three hours we would do something as a family.  Sometimes it might be playing a board game or maybe watching a movie all together.  It really didn’t matter what it was that we did.  It was just the fact that our whole family, all four of us, was together.  Here were our guidelines for family night (or at least what I can remember):

  • Set aside one evening every week for Family Night, preferably the same night every week.  Things happen, so change to another night one week if necessary.
  • Don’t answer the phone during that time.  🙂  That’s what answering machines and voice mail are for.
  • Choose something that the whole family enjoys, whether it be a board game, movie at home, or a family outing.  (Vote if necessary.)
  • Keep it fun!  Enjoy laughing and sharing thoughts together.

I’m sure several of you do this and have great ideas.  If you have time, I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

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