Home Decorators Collection of Computer Desks

I have been looking at computer desks, and someday I want to get a small desk that wouldn’t take up much room. Right now, I’m using a medium-sized antique table that belonged to my grandparents, and although I like the combination of the antique with modern technology, the table does not have a special place for the keyboard. That makes it uncomfortable at times, so I end up getting out a wooden TV tray on which to place the keyboard.  That’s more comfortable but doesn’t look so great.  I like this cute little green desk, but maybe a more neutral color would be better for the longrun.  The style sure is cute!

One thought on “Home Decorators Collection of Computer Desks

  1. That is a cute table.You can repainted the desk in your own taste of color.A good tips for all that want to save money.

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