How to Get Ezekiel Bread Coupons (Food For Life Coupons)

Some of you may have been to the website for Ezekiel Bread and tried to get coupons unsuccessfully.  On one page, they do have a place to click for coupons.  However, it won’t respond and take you to coupons.  So I went to “Contact Us” on their site and wrote them about my problem.  Within a couple of days I heard from them saying that they would mail the coupons to me.

If you are wanting coupons, then you have two choices:

  1. Call Food For Life directly for coupons at 1-800-797-5090
  2. Go to the Food For Life website at and go to “Contact Us” at the top of the home page. When you write them, give your name and address and ask them to mail coupons to you.

It was easy, and I received 50 cent coupons in the mail for Food for Life products.



7 thoughts on “How to Get Ezekiel Bread Coupons (Food For Life Coupons)

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  3. Another pizza idea is to cut the Ezekiel English muffins in half, put natural or homemade pizza sauce, add cheese and your favorite toppings and bake in the toaster oven. Quick, easy and much more healthy than bagel bites.

  4. I called food for life and they are going to mail me so coupons. Thank you so much

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