My New Swiffer Sweeper


See what I received this week?  It’s my new Swiffer Sweeper, 2 in 1 Starter Kit.  I have been sick this week, and so I was thrilled to be able to sweep and mop my kitchen floor in five minutes!  I certainly didn’t have the energy for cleaning for more than five minutes.  Now, it looks so shiny and smells so good.


I have an old Swiffer, but I must admit this  new one works much better.   After I put the new Swiffer together (which is a “snap”…all you have to do is literally snap the pieces together which takes half a minute), then our cute little dog checked out what I was getting ready to do.  I put her outside since my purpose was not to play with her but she thought it was, then I proceeded to use the dry sweeping cloth which surprised me by picking up all sorts of dust, crumbs, pet hair, etc., and it held on to them.  There was more pet hair than I thought there would be.  Then I used the wet mopping cloth and was able to reach deep into corners under the overhang on our cabinets and under my china cabinet.

What I like about the new Swiffer is that it is stronger.  That’s one thing I didn’t like about the old one.  I felt like the old one wasn’t strong enough to scrub on tough spots,   but the new Swiffer is definitely stronger and easier to use!  It makes cleaning fast and easy which is important to me because of my busy schedule!

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