Four Foods On Friday 95

Val says, “Here’s this week’s questions. We’re in the middle of a Noreaster and I have hot comfort foods on my mind.”

1. Chicken soup. Regular or creamy?

Both.  Regular is healthier, though.  Creamy would definitely be a comfort food.
2. Do you have a stew recipe?

I used to, but haven’t made it in ages.  I would probably go to to find a recipe.
3. What’s your favorite hot comfort food?

Mashed potatoes with gravy.  Also, fried okra.
4. Do you like chicken fried steak?

Yes, but rarely have it.   I prefer chicken fried chicken.

4 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 95

  1. I think a lot of us like mashed potatoes for comfort food! 🙂
    Anele, and sometimes I go to to look for a recipe.

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