A Mother’s Heart

Lori, from A Cowboy’s Wife, writes about “The Hole in My Heart,” and shares about a friend who just had a miscarriage and about her own four miscarriages.   It was an emotionally painful experience to lose a baby!

There are some things that always remain in a mother’s heart, and one of those things is the love she has for her child.  Whether losing an unborn baby, a young child, or an adult son or daughter, the love a mother has for her child is so strong and will never die.  (“Love never dies,”  1 Corinthians 13: 8, The Message version)

My mother had at least one miscarriage before I was born.  She passed away and I can’t ask her if she had more than one miscarriage, and her younger brother and sister don’t remember.  (My uncle said those were things you just didn’t talk about back then.)   I remember dreaming about having an older brother when I was young.  Oh, how I wished I had a brother or sister!

After my mother passed away and I was going through her purse, I found some papers in a zippered compartment.  One of those papers was a receipt for a D&C after a miscarriage seven years before I was born.  That was for her miscarriage of a child dear to her, and she must have carried that receipt with her, hidden in her purse, all the rest of her living days because her love for that unborn child never died!   I realized then that yes, I did have a brother or sister.  I believe that life starts at conception (go to Biblegateway.com, type in Psalm 139:13-18, choose your favorite version…maybe “The Message” or the “New International Version,” then “Search the Bible”) so I did have a sibling and maybe it was a brother.

I have several friends who have have lost adult children, and I can’t imagine the pain they have gone through.  But I do know that God is the God of all comfort, and He has comforted them in the way that only He can.  Their faith in God has gotten them through!

Maybe you’ve lost a baby or a child or someone close to you has experienced that loss.  If you have something you would like to share, please leave a comment.  Your experience might help someone who is going through a hard time right now.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heart

  1. Charla, You of course know that we lost our son when he was forty four and I miss him every day. The heart does not heal. As a friend told me after we lost Rob. “I don’t think of him every day, every minute but when I do it still hurts just as much. God has comforted u. I don’t know what we would have done without His loving arms around us. I can’t imagine losing a baby before you have been able to hold them and watch them grow. My heart aches for all those who have lost children at any age. Once you know you are pregnant that child is going to live in your heart forever. I can praise God for His love, for the fact that Rob was a Christian and for all the special memories I have of him. I hope that those of you who have miscarried can find hope that when you get to heaven you will be able to meet that babe that went to God so young.

  2. Charla, that was such a touching story about your mom and her miscarriage. You are so precious. I love you so much. I know that you feel God’s arms around you as I do. Shirley

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