Colon Cleanse Reviews

Does a colon cleanse actually help people lose weight?  I have seen a lot of ads online, in magazines, etc., about how it does help by detoxifying the body.   As far as reading much about it, I haven’t and I guess I need to read some colon cleanse reviews to find out more information.

I do know that toxins build up in the body, toxins that are found in the environment and in the foods we eat.   Sugar and processed white flour are probably at the top of the list of foods.   Sugar is definitely not healthy for us in any form or way.  I once read that sugar acts like a glue in the body.  If you think about times when you’ve spilled a drink with sugar in it, it leaves the floor sticky and hard to clean up.  Just think of what it does in our body!  I really don’t like to think about that.   It makes me want to limit my intake of sugar, which I do.  I use a lot of Stevia, but there are some things that contain sugar and would not taste good without it.  The main thing I can think of is dark chocolate.  I can easily give up Cokes and sodas and drink only tea, green tea, and water.  That’s easy!  But giving up dark chocolate is another story.  So, I guess it would be a good thing to read more about colon cleansing.

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