Four Foods On Friday 108

Val says, “Hi all!  Sorry I’m late this week, I was sick all day yesterday. With that in mind, I offer this week’s questions.”

1. Are there any drinks you feel help you get better when you’re sick?

Depends on what kind of sick.  Congestion & upper respiratory flu – hot green tea and regular tea, sometimes hot chocolate.

Stomach flu – Coke, Sprite, 7-Up
2. Are there any foods you feel help you get better when you’re sick?

Healthy foods, good homemade soups.  If it’s stomach flu, then nothing!
3. Starve a cold, feed a fever. Do you believe this?

No, and actually I’ve read that if you feel like eating, it’s good to eat to nourish the body. (healthy foods, of course)  Now if it’s the stomach flu, that’s a different story.  A person needs to go without eating for 24 hours to kill out the virus. Nibbling on saltine crackers after 12 hours usually won’t hurt.   Eating other food, though, just prolongs it because it feeds the virus.
4. Who cooks when you’re sick?

My husband might cook a meal, but usually he will bring something in.  Actually, I was sick with bronchitis a week ago, and he made homemade soup for us.  I sat and gave him step-by-step directions on how to make it.  He did a good job, and it tasted really good to me.

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