Homemade Cookies!

Let me start by saying that I love good homemade cookies!  The past few weeks, I have been substitute teaching just about every day.   One thing I like about where I’m subbing now is that the cafeteria ladies make homemade cookies for the teachers several days a week.  That is one thing that’s really hard for me to pass up…a delicious homemade cookie!  I haven’t gained weight that I know of so far, so I won’t need to check out www.fatburnerreview.org But I may need to start exercising more if I eat one (notice I just eat one) cookie three days a week or so!

I’ve also really enjoyed subbing the past couple of months because I’ve been primarily working with special ed students.  When I first began teaching many years ago, I taught for six years in special ed  before I taught first grade for eleven years and a first/second bridge class for two years.  I would love to get back into teaching special ed.  And it’s not just so I can have a homemade cookie every day.  (smile)

Note:  These are not cookies from school.  These were from Central Market where we bought 1/2 dozen Ginger Snaps.

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