Faux Wood Blinds

If we could afford it, I would like to have faux wood blinds on our living room windows.  We have two really huge windows side-by-side which are great because we can look out into our backyard.  We have crepe myrtle trees, cannas, and some potted plants on the deck, and it’s really pretty when everything is blooming.  But we can’t afford new blinds now, even with a 40% off sale.  Hmmm…maybe someday!

2 thoughts on “Faux Wood Blinds

  1. Just be glad you don’t have to dust them! They would be a pain to dust. I don’t have any but I do think they are pretty.

  2. Karen, that is so true! Just something else to have to dust. I used to dust every week without fail. Those days are long gone! LOL

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