Things I Love Thursday: Priceless Treasures

For Things I Love Thursday, I’m going to show you some special things inside my china cabinet.  On the left hand side is a platter from my parent’s very first set of dishes, the pink depression glass vase was my grandmother’s, the cut glass bowl that the pink vase is sitting in was my great-grandmother’s bowl, and the cake plate on the right was also my grandmother’s.  (My grandmother admired this hand-painted cake plate in a store window soon after she and my grandfather were married.  Her new mother-in-law was with her at the time.  My grandmother was thrilled at Christmas time when she unwrapped her present from her in-laws and there was this beautiful cake plate.)

2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Priceless Treasures

  1. Oh how beautiful! Even more beautiful is that they have been handed down through the family. Make a note somewhere so your children will know the story of them. You probably already have done that!

  2. Karen, I went and checked and I have the story taped to the back of the cake plate and a note taped inside the cut glass bowl. I need to put something on the back of my parent’s platter and inside the depression glass vase, though. I thought they all had something taped to them. Thanks for reminding me!

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